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www.researchprospect.com review

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www.researchprospect.com review and discounts


You are able to view a writing service. To get a custom report writing, a custom essay writing, dissertation outline or custom dissertation writing – contact this website by means of the contact information kindly provided by the service. The design is very minimalistic. The information is placed on the blank background with moving images on its homepage. It flicker before eyes a bit but it is funky.


This service provides with assistance for those who struggle writing their academic papers. The amount of graphic images is just right and all of them are relevant. There is a navigation panel, which makes it easily navigable. There is also a live chat in case you have any queries. I clicked on it and a new window opened up. Leave a message it says, which I did and got a response pretty soon. All the buttons are clickable, with no broken links or glitches within the text. There is a blog available for those ones of you who are fond of reading with quite interesting blog posts presented. Everyone is able to get a quote straight away.


There is too many of banners, too much of an advertisement. A truly excellent service does not need that much of it. It is irritating, which means it works the opposite way. Despite the service to promise a non-plagiarized paper, I have received mine with plenty. I was shocked because I did not expect it and that much of it. They probably thought I was unable to check upon plagiarism but that is a mug’s game.

Quality of paper

I disagree with the client testimonials because what I received was far from all this glittering, shiny and nice papers these people are talking about. I do not know, maybe they saw such perfectly done manuscripts in their dreams but to pay such a price for a plagiarized paper is not simply a waste of time but also blatantly.

Policy of price

There is no pricelist but a price estimate feature in order to get to know the price for your order. You type in number of words, the deadline you need your paper to be delivered. The prices appear to be too high and there is no discount system, which could not have come at a better time.

Order details

There is order now blue button pressing which will direct you to an order form to fill in. There are plenty of questions to answer, which is pretty time consuming but if I knew my papers would be this spoiled with plagiarism, I would never ever in my entire life fill this form and use its services. Instead, the only service I trust due to its non-plagiarized papers, on-time delivery and fun interaction with writers and editors is custom-paper-writing.com/.


In spite of all the advantages of the web service, there are more disadvantages about it. Its policy of price and quality of papers are scarier than Alfred Hitchcock`s movies and he is the king of horror cinematograph. I am the one who does not hesitate trying new things and new services but this experience turned out to be a failure to me.

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