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ozassignmenthelp.com.au review

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ozassignmenthelp.com.au review and discounts


Welcome to assignment, essay, dissertation help and tutoring service. Here, you will get acquainted with how to get an assistance, a quote and actual help on your student`s paper. Thus, if you are a student, there is no longer any need to panic because help is here waiting for you to show up with your queries and questions. Be initiative with a can-do approach and you will succeed.


The design of the paper is its undeniable advantage. Entering the website and in the process of browsing it, one is able to see how navigable the service is due to its minimalistic and good-looking at the same time interface. There is a navigation panel available for the visitors of the website and its regular customers for more comfortable usage. There is a contact information so everyone who feels like it is able to contact the website in case of anything through leaving a message or giving a phone call. Get a consultation and ask for help with your assignment. There is an assignment guide with tips, which are very helpful to read. There is also a blog for one`s viewing. Live chat option is available unlike many other websites of the kind when there is such an option but live chat room is offline.


There is no discount system available and the pricing is excessively high. There is no table of price, to begin with. I needed an essay and a dissertation to be accomplished and I was short on money and time but I wanted it to be done professionally. I was ready to spend any money really. Well, almost any and I used to think that the higher the price, the higher the quality but I was wrong. The quality of papers is far from perfect. The writers seem to feel lack of creativity, ideas and thoughts.

Quality of paper

The quality could be better. I think the writers have plenty to strive for. The range of services is not that big and they could do more in order for customers to be satisfied. I have found too many of glitches and mistakes within my papers and it is unacceptable. Especially if to take into consideration the fact of the high pricing. Such a low quality of paper cannot cost that much.

Policy of price

It is very uncomfortable when a service like this has no pricing list available. It makes the chance for a visitor to become a regular customer smaller. A policy of price on any website providing either with goods or services needs to be transparent and clear. Otherwise, it looks more suspicious and doubtful making it to where one begins thinking of dodging this and choosing some other website of the kind.

Order details

To place an order, go to upload your assignment section on the navigation panel of the start page. You will get to see a multi attachment form to fill in. There should be your personal and contact information, which is quite typical, a message within which all the requirements and additional information upon the order maybe some lecture notes if any and upload the file (-s) with your assignment of course. In case of any troubles with uploading a file, contact via the given Email address. The amount of uploaded files is unlimited.


The website provides with help on assignment. Its policy of price is rather weasel worded while the quality of papers is definitely poor. The deadline should be put 2-3 days before the actual deadline of the assignment so there was time to implement a testimonial if any. I would highly recommend Custom Essays Ws though due to its excellent quality of papers, on time delivery and affordable rates.

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