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noneedtostudy.com review

Editor's Rating:

noneedtostudy.com review and discount

This site contains a lot of excessive information. Big letters together with dull dark colors creates rather nervous atmosphere. I didn’t like the outlook of this site and its complicated menu. The amount of articles and instructions is so big that you can even forget why you have entered it. Anyway, I was looking for a good result, so I decided to make an order here.

Price policy

I don’t like it when there are no prices mentioned on the site. It really makes me nervous. I want to know the price per page and only then I will decide, whether I want to make an order or not. On this site you should fill in the order form first and only then you can see the price. I think that it is irrational. Such function only wastes our precious time. It is good when the price is suitable, but what if it is not?

Order details

Maybe I am not very clever, but I couldn’t find the right option that would help me to make an order or at least to find the necessary form. There are so many tables, fields and pictures on this site that the eyes diverge. It is very annoying and distracts attention a lot.

Quality of Support

I had a lot of questions and I couldn’t find answers, so I decided to contact the support team.
– I was laughing a lot after the conversation with the admin;
– I wrote to the support, but nobody answered me. I was complaining, but the messages which I was writing were disappearing, as if somebody was deleting them;
– I decided to make a call, but when the admin answered me, I understood that he doesn’t speak English very well. It was a man with a pleasant voice, who spoke in a terrible accent that was difficult for comprehension. I was trying hard to explain him my issue, but he was asking me the same questions again and again.
– He didn’t manage to help me. How can a person who doesn’t know English work for the English speaking company?
– As far as I understood, the admin will not answer you in the chat. Either he is lazy or he just doesn’t care about the clients.

Quality of the paper

I can’t say anything about the quality of the paper, because I didn’t manage to make an order. In addition, nobody helped me to sort out all the things that were not clear for me.


The result disappointed me a lot.
– the menu of the site is too complicated;
– the support team is incompetent and negligent, nobody is eager to help you;
– clients are not appreciated here;
– I have doubts as for the professional skills of the support team and writers as well;
– You won’t be able to see the prices because they are not mentioned in the menu.

I have spent a lot of time and I didn’t manage to make an order. The site works unprofessionally and I don’t know how people manage to make offers there. I found this Site and it is very simple in usage and the quality of papers is really great.

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noneedtostudy.com review

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