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hgpublishing.com review

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hgpublishing.com review and discounts


There is a British advertising executive David Ogilvy is known worldwide for his writings in the sphere of advertisement and one of his favorite headings is “Send us a dollar and we shall cure your hemorrhoid or live with your dollar and your hemorrhoid.” This is a website providing with editing service but the price for it is excessively more than one dollar…


The simplicity of the website is its advantage because it makes it to where the site is attention getting, its font is so big that even customers with sight problems will be able to read the content. It is designed so there was only a white canvas with text on it. There are panels painted in brown going one after another and it is pretty easy to navigate. All the buttons are clickable and there seem to be no broken links let alone no mistakes within the content of the website. At least that makes the website reliable and trustworthy due to there to be quite many of those, which contain glitches in their contents. There is an essay writing tips blog, which contains plenty of useful and helpful information concerning how to write an essay. There is no advertisement, which occurs a banner blindness.


The way the site is designed is its disadvantage at the same time because it looks too simple and gives an impression of being way too minimalistic and rather childish. Looking it through, I was unsure whether to ask for help or not. I think web designers could have applied more efforts working upon the interface making it look more professional and exceptional.

Quality of paper

The quality of the paper leaves something to be desired. It is not enough just like the service`s design. It is felt as if a child was working upon it. It would not be superfluous if the staff honed on their writing let alone editing skills.

Policy of price

There is a pricing list for the services offered. It all is given per page in a rather chaotic way. The prices are even compared to industry standards and they are still too high. I was hoping to pay less just from one look at the site. This is the feeling it gives, a feeling of being cheap and so affordable.

Order details

There is an application form to fill in for each type of work. What you have to do is just to choose what you need and fill in all the necessary fields with relevant information. Make sure all is filled out right and all the details needed for an order are there. There are three sections an order form consists of, which are service details, project details and your details.


The less you are capable of, the more you pay. It is clear to the meanest intelligence that a website has to be vivid and eye catching enough to attract people but not with just the way it looks only but also with its content, people working for it and results they provide with. This particular website provides with an average level of papers delivered and the delivery itself is not always within the timeframe specified in the instructions.