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essaymama.com review

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essaymama.com review and discounts

I wish to tell you about the site essaymama.com, I used to write my essay. I received a hard task from my tutor, and I have got no time to work on it, so I decided to choose one writing Company and pay them for my essay. Within my searching, I came across the site essaymama.com.

First, I would like to praise their developers and designers, as the site looks like the good candy beard even for the experienced user. The site is created in the vintage style with the pin-up elements, so it is really great.
Also, the site is really informative, and I even have forgotten to read their Terms and Conditions, as the information on their main page was clear. When I checked the prices I found the strange functions: standard, premium and platinum quality. Aha, thought I – something is wrong here. So if I pay only for the platinum quality I can receive the really perfect paper, but what if I choose the standard one? I don’t want the paper, written by the student, and not by the professional writer. I decided to ask the support about this. The support agents are polite and quite fast. The agent explained me that Standard is normally for a Bachelor’s Degree, Premium is for the Masters and Platinum is for PhD. As I need the Masters level, I have chosen the Premium quality. But there I noticed that I could choose the PhD degree…WTF.

Then I understood, that there’s no difference in these stupid qualities, as the support agent told me then that the paper will be great in any case. When I tried to ask her why they have all these qualities, then the support told me cabbala, so, sorry support Emma, you are not as smart as I thought in the beginning.

If you still wish to use this site, don’t even pay your attention to these qualities, choose the standard one, as all their writers are the same, and this is only the way to take more money from you.

The prices are high, really high, and the discounts are small. After I used this site I tried essay-for.me, the quality of the papers was better and the prices lower. By the way, I haven’t told you about the quality of the paper I received – so-so. Too much “water”, no arguments, no “my” own thoughts, just the rewording of the books, mentioned in the sources. In addition, I couldn’t find the required information in the book from the references, and when I asked the writer about an edition of the book he used, he kept silent.

So, guys don’t pay attention to this beautiful design, as inside you will find unprofessional writers and incompetent support.

Have you ever placed an order with www.essaymama.com/ before?

essaymama.com review

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